The Berry:

Storage Beneath a Bean Bag Seat.




                                                    The Barky Lounger:

                                           Because pets have things too.

                                                    The Tooth Fairy Pillow:

                                  The perfect pillow for a delicate exchange



                                                       My Cozy Towel:

                       Warm, hooded towels sized for kids 2-8 years old.

About the Berry:

The Berry is a dual purpose beanbag and storage system.  The Storage Beanbag was inspired by a dream.  Amber, the owner of Brambleberry, dreamt that she was in a chic toy shop and was showing a woman how to unzip a red beanbag and fill it with stuffed animals. In the dream, Amber was explaining her invention and also thinking that she must remember this when she wakes up!  The rest, as they say, is history. Underneath a soft, plush bean bag top lies a hidden storage compartment perfect for storing the things you need "conveniently out of the way". Store blankets, toys, jackets, sports uniforms, costumes, dolls and more inside the the Berry. When it's zipped up, use it as an extra seat, ottoman or bean bag.  Available in 4 sizes to help you organize any space, big or small, and any size collection.  The Original size is our largest, with over 5,650 cubic inches of storage, a capacity large enough for an entire Queen Size bedding set, pillows included.  Our Medium and Small Berries are very easy to move around, perfect for sitting on, and holding an amazing amount of stuff, considering their compact sizes.  Our Bitty Berry is just that: tiny and cute. Keep it in the car for organizing tissues, hand wipes, sunscreen, lotion, etc., or let your kids use it for small lego collections or doll accessories they like to travel around with. 

About the Barky Lounger:

The Barky Lounger was created for dogs and their owners who appreciate comfort and convenience.  Just like the Berry, the Barky Lounger has an amazing storage capacity underneath the super soft top.  Use the clever storage compartment for dog toys, leashes, accessories, sweaters, and more. Clean up is a snap when visitors come by. Simply throw all random pet items inside the Barky Lounger, zip it up and before you know it, your pet will be curled up on top and napping the dog day afternoon away. Available in 2 sizes, small and medium.

About Our Tooth Fairy Pillows:

Each Brambleberry Tooth Fairy Pillow is individually handmade.  They are designed with a small pocket in the front for holding your child’s tooth when they go to sleep.  The large back pocket is the perfect place for the Tooth Fairy to deposit a note, gift and/or money in exchange for that precious tooth!

About My Cozy Towels:

My Cozy Towels were inspired by the designer and owner of Brambleberry’s own children.  Amber found it difficult to find simple hooded towels for her kids once they’d outgrown the baby sized hooded towels.  At the ripe age of 4, Amber’s oldest son felt that hooded towels with “duckie” heads and “froggie” eyes were too babyish for him, yet he still craved the warmth and comfort of a hooded towel.  So Amber set out to create some simple, “grown up” hooded towels.  These have since turned out to be a hit among the more mature pre-kindergarten and elementary school aged children.

All Brambleberry products are proudly (and individually) made in the USA. 

Thank you for supporting my small business!